Donuts are not just for eating

As I get older, I’ve been finding myself encountering physical maladies that I’ve never had to deal with before.  Certainly one recently has given me pause about things like driving long distances, something I never really gave much thought about.

It started as a slight twinge in my right posterior (or gluteus maximus if you will) while I was at work.  A slight pull in that area, when I bent over to pick something up off the floor.  It didn’t hurt sharply, it just twinged.  I didn’t think anything about it until a few days later when it happened again.  Still didn’t pay it much mind.  A week or so later my wife and I were driving about 90 minutes north on an errand and I discovered I was having trouble sitting still for a long period of time in the car.  My butt hurt, so I had to continually readjust how I was sitting in the seat, trying to make the pain go away.  I was never very successful, but discovered that after driving about 20 minutes, I needed to readjust.  Repeatedly.

I already have lower back pain and have had it for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been going to a chiropractor for the last five years, after having tried several others in the area, all of which said that they weren’t able to do anything to help me.  The one that I’ve been going to wasn’t negative at all, and insisted that he could be of help.  And honestly he has.  I definitely don’t hurt in the same places where I used to, but chiropractic isn’t something that’s a cure, it’s an ongoing thing.  Has to be done about once a month or once every 5 weeks, just to put things back in place, or be ‘readjusted’.  I mentioned to him about this pain that I’d been having, and (naturally) after only having consulted ‘Dr. Google’ did I suggest that perhaps sciatica was the cause of the pain, because (duh) it fit the symptoms.  Of course, he neither confirmed nor denied my self-diagnosis, he checked me out as he always does before doing the adjustment and said that he would pay particular attention to that area, and see if he could alleviate the pain that I was feeling.  I’ve been through two adjustments since first noticing the pain, and I can’t say that there’s been marked improvement.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been using a cushion on my chair here that I use for sitting in front of my computer.  It’s helped somewhat, but it’s not really designed for more than cushioning the whole bottom of me and the chair as well.  Last week I purchased a ‘donut’ from Amazon, a cushion, well…in the shape of a donut.  It says that it’s supposed to help with sciatica pain as well as a host of other similar maladies, the design of it is supposed to change the way you sit, so you’re a bit more upright, and it takes the pain away from your tailbone, sciatic nerve, whatever.  I had a Dr appointment this past Friday and my GP seems to believe what I’m experiencing in the bottom is sciatica, at least from what the symptoms I related to him.  Hence, the donut.

I’m hoping that the pain goes away in time.

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