Gearing up for vacation

Officially this will be my first vacation of 2019.  I’ve had 2 weeks of vacation earlier this year, but those were leftovers from my previous ‘calendar year’ from work, so at the present time I’m using the alloted 160 hours (4 weeks) of vacation that I earned from working last year (2018).  I wasn’t intending to take time off so early, but my wife informed me that we have friends visiting from North Carolina this coming Tuesday, they’re going to be staying until Saturday so consequently I needed to be here and not working for the ensuing 5 days.  Which meant that I’d need to take a week off from work. Hence, taking vacation.

My previous 2 weeks of vacation were pretty sedentary.  I was actually allowed to be pretty lazy for them, almost to the point of taking advantage of the time off.  We really didn’t do all that much outside of the house, I spent the majority of my time either in bed or on the couch.  I’m going to try to make more of an effort this time, since there are a multitude of things that need to be accomplished, as well as getting ready for company.

Bottom line, the house is in a bit of a wreck.  My nature, learned behavior if you will, is to be rather sloppy.  What on more than one occasion I’ve described as my ‘portable debris field’.  And it needs to be gathered up a bit and transported either to my storage bin, to the basement, or elsewhere entirely.  Things that have been delivered to the house clutter a lot of the open spaces, and really there are a lot of items that I haven’t used in weeks, and years in some cases, and really shouldn’t even be here anymore.  But being the lazy loaf I can be, I haven’t done anything about them.  So there’s that.

I can’t expect the wife to do the lion’s share of cleaning.  She does a good amount of things when I’m at work, I haven’t touched the laundry in years.  I make the bed maybe a couple of times a year, and haven’t honestly given the upstairs bathroom a good scrubbing in too long a time.  Sometime in the next couple of years, we need to think seriously about redoing that bathroom, we’re still using the fixtures that were in there when we moved into the house in 2000.  Granted, the bathroom was cobbled together from a portion of the master bedroom sometime in the past, so it’s a bit cramped, with a dated shower stall, small vanity and a toilet, with some cabinets that were built into one wall and a small cabinet over the toilet.  It could definitely use a tune-up.

All in all, whenever I have vacation, I have grandiose plans of what I’m going to accomplish.  We’ll see how I do this time.  At the very least I have a mental list to go by.  I’ll be checking in next Sunday to give myself a review and grade about how good I did.

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