Blog Bingo

I was just looking at the traffic that’s being routed to my blog and noted there are some countries listed I haven’t seen recently.  Someone from Cambodia today looked at an entry, and the other day there were hits from places like Ukraine, Romania, Kenya and Switzerland.  For the majority of the time I’ve been blogging, the vast majority of my readers, or subscribers come from here in the US, the UK, India and Canada.  As of yet I haven’t gotten any hits from South America, Oceania and the Far East (as well as the Middle East) aren’t represented, and then there’s that big black hole in Antarctica.  Maybe the WiFi is down at Amundsen Station?  Brownout?  Perhaps there’s a raging kegger that’s more interesting than my tome here.  Definitely possible.

Even so, it’s nice to see interest from places heretofore unknown.  As it were.  Just a quick and dirty entry here, so welcome to all the people clicking on my blog from the tags or categories.  At some point, say hi?

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