You’re sh*tting me, right?

I spent 5 hours of my life yesterday waiting for someone that was supposed to come to my house but never did.  Five. Freaking. Hours.  On my vacation, no less.

The lease for our vehicle is due to end next month and one of the requirements is that the vehicle has to be inspected so that the lessor can determine whether or not there’s cause for additional charges for repairs before the end of the lease.  Which makes sense, if there’s some major problem with the car, and they don’t determine that ahead of time, it could end up being costly for either us or them (likely us) and it would happen at the very end of the lease, causing probably less than stellar results for us in wanting to be a repeat customer.

We started getting phone calls and e-mails from the company the lessor uses for this about a month and a half ago, and I’ve been interacting with them for the past week or so.  Getting the car inspected isn’t a problem, scheduling a time that’s convenient for both them and us is.  We’re not in a major metropolitan area, so their inspectors are going to be on the road going to and from places for large stretches of time, so they need to schedule them accordingly.  Consequently, when I was on the phone with both the customer service arm and the dispatch arm, they took down two places and two addresses.  I think you can start to see where things are headed.

I made an appointment for Thursday, between 12 and 5.  They schedule appointments in blocks, so you have to wait between 8 and 12 pm or 12 and 5 pm for the inspector to arrive.  You can either have it done at your workplace, your home or at a place that’s mutually agreeable to you both (like a car dealership, a parking lot or somewhere else)  I had mentioned the local car dealership where we’d originally leased the vehicle, then mentioned my home, since I was on vacation this week and wouldn’t have to sit around a dealership for 4 or 5 hours waiting for someone to arrive.  If I’m going to have to spin my wheels and wait, I might as well do it somewhere that I can be comfortable, or do something else in the interim.  After confirming the appointment (and location, as well as address) with the scheduler on Monday,  I didn’t expect there were going to be any problems.  Oh, what little did I know?

On Wednesday the phone rang here at the house and I answered to a confirmation call, the operator informing me that the inspector was going to be here between 12 and 5 and the car needed to be accessible to them, as well as having the keys (or key fob in this case) available as well.  I informed the operator that all of that was going to be in compliance and hung up with him.  Yesterday, our houseguests wanted to go out for early-bird dinner but figuring the inspector was going probably be here and gone long before that, it was just a matter of finding a place to go locally that was open.  In the interim, I started waiting around 12 pm and waited patiently through the afternoon.

By 4 pm, however, I was starting to get antsy.  No inspector, no phone call, no nothing.  I finally decided it was time to call the customer service people and discover whether the inspector got lost, had an accident, or there was some other reason he or she wasn’t showing up.  After taking my information, I was informed that the inspector went to the local dealership even though the address they had was my home address!  If the inspector had come here, they would have seen the car in my driveway.  So I was more than a little perplexed why when the inspector went to the dealer and inquired about the car, no one, neither they nor the dealership called us to determine what was going on.  The person on the other end of the line didn’t know either, so she bumped my call up to her supervisor.

The supervisor was extremely apologetic that I’d been inconvenienced, and attempted to right the situation as best he could.  Since by then it was past 4:30, he wasn’t able to get an inspector to come here and do the work.  It would have to be rescheduled.  Again, being out of the way was going to be a problem.  He looked in my area (which confirmed my suspicion their central office is nowhere near here) with his limited scheduling ability and couldn’t find anyone that could be here before July.  Well, that wouldn’t work as the lease is up next month and the car won’t be here by then.  So, again I have to wait for a phone call from them to re-schedule this inspection that should (by all rights) have already been completed.  And yes, the clock is ticking.

So yeah, I’m pissed right now.


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