Round and round we go

As I mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been having trouble getting the vehicle inspected prior to returning it and leasing a new one next month.  There have been a slew of calls between myself and the scheduling people who are contracted to do the job.  Last week would have been the perfect time for this to be accomplished, and I was practically giddy that they had an appointment that could be done when I was not only off from work, but would be available and we could get it out-of-the-way.  The last time that we leased, we were actually able to turn the car in early and drive away with the Edge we have now.  But with the shenanigans we’ve been forced to deal with, that may not be the case this time around.

Over the last couple of days, there have been no less than five phone calls going back and forth.  Granted, if we’d been able to get this done last week, that wouldn’t have been necessary.  The fact that the inspector had our home address, and went to the dealership instead and then instead of calling us directly to see what was going on, just went about her day was pretty infuriating.  Having to cool my heels for 5 hours waiting for what turned out to be no reason pissed me off greatly.  Yes, I’m still ticked about it a week later.  I expressed my frustrations to the several operators with whom I spoke to after the fact, while we were attempting to get a new appointment set up.  To their credit, at least they understood where I was coming from.  One (J.T.) took it upon himself to apologize not once, but a couple of times.  Which, admittedly, make me feel better.  I work in retail, I know mistakes happen.  Packages get mislaid or undelivered, or just plain lost.  People go to the wrong address.  Things happen.  But you don’t just shrug it off and go on to your next appointment!  Make a phone call, call your supervisor who has the contact information.  Do something.  Don’t just blow it off.

The other day, while I was out, another phone call from the dispatch center with another offer.  Unfortunately, it’s for a day that I’m going to be at work, and neither I nor the car will be available for the inspector.  Sure, I could ask that they go to my workplace, but they need to get inside the car, start it up, take pictures and have me available as well for a proper, acceptable inspection.  So, it has to be on a day when both criteria are met.  I call them back (they left a message on the answering machine) and inform them that it’s not possible in that time frame.  The person I’m talking to isn’t overly concerned, since it’s still a month away from the time when we need to turn in the vehicle.  Yes, but sometimes days become weeks and so on, so the sooner we get this out-of-the-way, the better I’m going to feel.  I’ve never been the sort that likes to have that Damocles sword hanging over my head, I don’t like the feeling of ‘impending doom’ if something isn’t done satisfactorily.  Though that’s sometimes odd, since I procrastinate a lot.  I’m complicated, talk to my mother.

Finally, yesterday, I think we got it knocked.  A call from the dispatch center and they have a day offered that actually works for me.  Although it is about 10 days before the time that we’re to turn in the vehicle, so if this doesn’t pan out, I’m not certain what’s to be done.  I made sure I went over every niggling detail with JT on the phone, to be sure there weren’t going to be any screwups.  To his credit, he was patient as well, answering my questions, giving me the information that I asked for and confirming everything so in case there was a problem the inspector wasn’t going to just up and leave.  This has to be done, so it’s going to be done.  Come hell or high water.  I’m not paying a penalty for someone else’s screwup.

Yes, I will update this.

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