Murano (Part 3)

[Heh, I promise this is the last part.]

At any rate, she was unaware of the two distinctions as Doug had not made it clear it was a replacement, not a new vehicle.  She then said that she’d be getting a new card faxed or emailed down to the dealership and in my mind that set off a red flag.  Why did we need a new card immediately if we’re picking up the vehicle in 2 days?  Perhaps Doug had not made it clear to the sales manager that was the case, and that was the reason for all the rush to getting everything ready today.  With that in mind, I told my wife I was going to find the sales manager and set the record straight.  Getting up, I immediately spotted him in his white shirt, with several of the sales guys crowded around him, and set off to the office on my mission.

I approached the office, knocked on the door and inquired if they were prepping the vehicle to be driven home today.  He said yes, and why not?  At that point I saw Doug’s face and he knew he’d forgotten to mention this important point.  Before Doug could say anything, I explained that we’d not been looking to drive the vehicle home, we were interesting in leasing and getting everything nailed down today, and then pick it up in a couple of days on our schedule, not theirs.  The sales manager said that was fine, though I could easily tell from his tone of voice that it wasn’t completely fine, he’d been doing a lot of work in a small amount of time laboring under a misconception.  I told him that it was our fault for not making this more clear, trying to spare Doug a bit of a talking to by someone a bit higher up the food chain, though I expect he still got a little reminder that he needed to be more up front with important information like that.  Again, he’s new, he’ll learn in time about what to communicate and what not to, selling cars like anything is a learning process, so I don’t fault him for a misstep.  Omelettes and breaking eggs,

Having finished with that, we repaired back to Doug’s desk and he apologized profusely for his error and I honestly told him not to worry about it, things happen, and to me it didn’t make a difference much at all.  He’s still got our business, he’s going to make a decent commission (I didn’t mention that, but it’s the truth) and it will all work out in the end.  At that point the sales manager came over with the paperwork and admittedly it’s gotten a bit more streamlined over the last few years.  When we leased the Edge, there was this really long agreement to be signed, along with several other pieces of paper, but this time it was just about five or six pages, along with a form for getting the registration changed, the credit company waiver and so on.  Didn’t take all that long to get it all signed, and then he asked how we were going to handle the down payment.  My wife, without missing a beat, handed him her Discover card.  For the points.

He ran the card back in his office and came back with the receipt, she signed it and we were basically good to go.  The sales manager left and Doug asked me if it was acceptable to get a little doodad that he was planning to send us as a small ‘thank-you’ for our business.  Apparently he’s trying to come up with a unique trinket that he can give to his future customers, as a reminder of the business transaction etc, he explained it was going to be a keychain/bottle opener thing, with the Nissan logo and I think his name on it.  I said that was fine, we’d be happy to accept it.  Not that we were going to probably use it, since the Murano, like the Edge doesn’t have a key, just a fob that’s electronically recognized by the car’s computer, that confirms whoever has the fob has access to control the car’s functions.  And I already have my own keychain that I normally use, so I’ll just be transferring one fob for another, and go on my merry way.  But we have a place to put an extra keychain, and should my current one break or become old, its nice to have another just in case.  So why not?

We left and Doug followed us out to the Edge.  We wished him a good rest of his day, and went on to (finally!) get dinner at Red Lobster.  We’re going to be picking up the new ride on Friday, and that will be a new adventure.


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