January and February are what I have always referred to as the ‘doldrum’ months when it comes to work.  It’s the period just after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, when people are paying off their massive expenditures after Christmas, starting (and usually failing) in their New Years’ resolutions, and there’s less money and effort being spent on the necessities, not like the past two months.

I call it that, because the word so easily fits.  I remember from school when we were learning about the equatorial region of the planet, where the weather is fairly unpredictable in terms of wind, storms and so on, and I when I learned the word ‘doldrum’ it stuck with me.  As some words just do.  Rolls off the tongue, and it most definitely dovetails with the time that we’re in right now.

Everything right now is more sedate.  People aren’t so much in a hurry to get where they’re going, there’s not so much the same rapidity in sales plans for businesses, and your average family is budgeting for paying off their holiday bills and not yet gearing up for holidays to come (other than the occasional birthday or whatnot), they’re pacing through the months just waiting for Spring to arrive so they can work towards the summer months that are on the way.

And tax season.


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