Home Repair

Living in an older house, things have a tendency to break, usually at the least opportune times.  Though I suppose that could be said for any home or apartment, usually when something breaks or needs repair, it’s not necessarily the most convenient thing.

On my return from work last evening, I lifted the garage door as I normally do, pulled the car in, and then exited to lower the door.  The door used to have a mechanical garage door opener when we first purchased the house, but over a few months it started to have issues, so I disconnected it and screwed in a handle on the outside and went to physically opening and closing the door when I needed to get the car in and out.  Several years ago I replaced almost all of the hinges on the door, and several of the glass panes in the door have been replaced over the years as well, but there have been no major repairs to the door since we bought the house.

Upon lowering the door, I heard a loud bang from inside the garage.  When I went to lift the door again, it wouldn’t budge.  It seemed to be stuck, or perhaps locked?  But that didn’t make sense as to how would the locking mechanism just suddenly trip and what was the noise that was made come from?  I went inside the garage to inspect and discovered that the cable on the right side leading to the spring had snapped.  Ah, broken spring.  That explained it.

Of course, the next problem was getting the now unbalanced and heavy door back up so I could get the car back out since Wednesday is a day of appointments.  Instead of dealing with it right then and there, I went inside to investigate if there was a local garage door repair-person since it was nearing 5 pm and usually businesses aren’t open past that point.  Since we live sort of off the beaten path, it’s not always easy finding someone to repair things of that nature and repair people can be a little finicky about coming out to places that they’re not overly familiar with.  And some charge for mileage.

Even so, I did manage to find someone that’s nearby, has mostly good reviews on both Google and Yelp so I will be calling to see what they can do, and hopefully not charge an arm and a leg for it, or try to upsell me on replacing the door entirely.  While the door is pretty old, so is the garage, so having a brand new door on an old rickety garage doesn’t make much sense to me.  Better to fix what’s borked, and continue on.

I called this morning, and they can come out, but none of the times they suggested meet with my ability to be here to supervise.  Friday is out as we have two other appointments, next week is pretty booked up, but Friday 2/7 seems to be available for now.  My wife doesn’t want workmen here when I’m not around, so we have to work on a very limited schedule in that regard.  So it seems the car will have to sit outside of the garage for about a week while this gets remedied in a time frame that meshes with our requirements.  At least it shouldn’t cost more than $200-300 for a repair like this.  I hope.

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