New Neighbors?

In the past 20 years, we’ve had a Hogan’s Alley variety of characters renting or living in the house next door.  Some have been quiet, some have been extremely noisy.  At the present time the house is empty, but last week I talked to the woman that owns the property and in the coming weeks, there’s going to be a new tenant.  Tentatively.

At the very least she says that the new tenant isn’t going to be a problem (too much) as it’s going to be her daughter.  But of course with this family there’s always been some form of drama, as the daughter is in the process of divorcing her husband, and I was warned he may come to the property in the coming months as the divorce drags on.  Naturally she mentioned to her daughter that we next door are ‘good people’ and someone she can count on, which means at some point we may have a crying woman at the door with a couple of kids in tow asking if we can call 911 for her because of something happening at the house.  I can see it already.  Sigh.

Honestly, if I had enough money, I’d ask her if she’d be willing to sell the house and I could put someone in the house that would be suitable for us, but that’s unlikely to happen.  Or just knock down the house and barn and add it to our property.  But that’s not a good scenario either as the house next door is a buffer to what’s happening on the other side of the street.  But that’s….another story for another time.


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