Persistent Buggers

Apparently, someone (or several someone’s) wishes to gain access to this blog.

This morning I was looking through the stats and just happened to check out the ‘Activity’ tab and discovered beginning Oct 22, someone using the username ‘mark-s’ has been attempting to sign into my WordPress account. Not to be outdone, either the same person (or another bugger) has been using the usernames ‘ml’ and ‘admin’ to do the same thing. Thus far, they’ve been unsuccessful.  I have to admit that I find it somewhat humorous that they’re attempting to hack a blog that admittedly isn’t updated all that often.  Perhaps they want to try their hand at something innocuous, and then work their way up to stealing nuclear codes.  Or some such hijinks.

Either way, they’re not going to get very far here.  My passwords generally are pretty complex, and I change them fairly regularly.  I don’t utilize passwords that can be hacked or guessed via a dictionary attack, so they’re sort of out of luck on that tangent.  I am aware of what IP address they’re using (unless it’s spoofed), but certainly, now that I’ve become aware of their tinkering, I can keep a better eye on things.  

If the cracker/hacker/fanboys are reading this, I have to say, best of luck, but you’re not going to gain access.  Go somewhere else to have your jollies.

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