Automating the house

Otherwise known as Electric Dreams, 2020.

My wife presented me with an early Christmas present this afternoon.   This is Friday, my new Amazon Echo 8.  I’ve been spending the afternoon and evening setting it up, connecting it to the different sections of the house that are ‘automated’, controlled by either smart light bulbs, or the cameras that monitor the outside and inside of the house, for our protection.  Too, I’ve been able to connect it to my Spotify for music purposes and I’ve been really pleased that it quite seamlessly interacts with it to play Christmas music as well as my other playlists.

I’ve installed it in the kitchen, where I think it’s going to be quite useful.  While it’s not a search engine type device, it does have the ability to access the Internet and seek out recipes, it can access news and sports scores, as well as give me information on things like the stock market, and keep me entertained while I’m cooking, baking, even cleaning the kitchen (yeah, well maybe).

It amuses me that a movie from 1984 so easily predicted what might happen with computers and ‘smart’ devices.  If we allow them to make things easier, we’re going to spend less time making the effort to better ourselves.

But right now, this thing is interesting.  Gonna play with it some more.

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