Have a Merry (Socially Distant) Christmas, this year

Hearkening back to the time when I was in school, during various history classes, I don’t honestly remember going over the period where the Spanish flu was raging through the country in particular and the world in general.  Certainly, there was some mention of it at some point, either in high school and/or in college, but I don’t recall seeing any pictures of people wearing masks, or at the time didn’t put any import to it had I seen them.  This makes sense, there wasn’t any current correlation to the practice, perhaps it was just something that happened at the time, and it was glossed over in my mind as just another picture of a time in history.  Not like pictures that are rooted in people’s minds of landmark events, like the attack on Pearl Harbor, the first atomic bomb test ‘Trinity‘, and the portrait of the three CSA soldiers outside of Gettysburg.

Battleship Row during 1941 attack
Trinity atomic bomb test, 1945 New Mexico
Three Confederate prisoners, outside Gettysburg, 1863

I wonder if in 60 years when kids are in school (or learning remotely still because of the precedent of what occurred this year) will they be seeing pictures (or holos?) of people in 2020 wearing masks, keeping a distance from one another, and attach any meaning to it all?  Will there be nostalgic shops online that sell overpriced vintage KN95 masks so people can recreate what happened back then, play ‘pandemic’ like they recreate battles of the Civil or Revolutionary Wars nowadays.  Will there be another pandemic in 2120?

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