I, in my nightcap…

Like so many, I’ve read the poem ‘A Visit From Saint Nicholas‘ and noticed the stanza ‘And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap’ and thought nothing of it.  As I’ve gotten older and started losing my hair up top, I thought about perhaps at night it would behoove me to have a warm head.  To that end, when my wife asked me one year what I’d like to have for Christmas, I told her it would be great to have a nightcap.  She asked why I would want to have a drink.  (She was being humorous)  “Ha, ha…funny funny” I replied.  “You know what I mean.”

And she did.  On Christmas morning, I opened one of my packages and found a very nice nightcap (red) from a business called Berkeley Hat.  Honestly, I’d never heard of them, but they make useful and novelty hats of all different shapes and sizes.  I’ve been very pleased with the nightcap, it’s warm and it covers my head nicely.  Even so much so I bought another one, in dark blue.  

I was thinking about this entry this morning only because last night as I was going to bed, I couldn’t find my cap.  Sometime during the day it must have fallen off the nightstand, and was on the floor either next to it, under the bed, or somewhere nearby.  Since it was nearly midnight, my wife was asleep in the bed already.  It wasn’t a good time to be turning on a light and banging around looking for it.  I went to sleep without my head covered and I did manage to sleep all night, even though it was chilly in the bedroom.  I’ll find it during the course of the day today, and it will be ready for me when I go to bed tonight.

Not for nothing, but I noticed on Amazon that they sell footie pajamas in adult sizes….

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