Technically speaking, Part IV

When we last left this series, I was planning on changing the location of the router and fiber modem.  Instead, I chose to run my Cat 6 cable to the middle of the house, except in this configuration, I changed the wireless repeater to an access point.  This way, the router, and modem can stay in place, be hard-wired to the computers and the access point will do the heavy lifting in terms of extending the wireless signal to the rest of the house.  I also reset and reprogrammed the repeater to the upstairs bedrooms, and everything seems to be working the way it’s supposed to.

The big test was this past week when we were on vacation.  Before we walked out the door last Saturday I checked, re-checked, and then re-re-checked the system, to make sure there weren’t any drop-outs or signal loss or degradation.  The cobbled-together system worked like a champ.  Our security cameras stayed connected, all the smart bulbs and smart plugs stayed in contact with the router and the router itself, being that it’s connected to the cloud, was accessible to me even on the other side of the state through both my laptop and cellphone.

Even so, while we were on vacation, we stayed in a place that had a more advanced version of a home network.  It’s from Netgear and it’s called Orbi.  In the house, (which is on 2 floors), there was the actual router, and two physical satellites installed on the walls (the outer walls, though it might have been the correct placement for the building) which by my estimation bathed the house in high-speed wifi coverage (what’s now being called WIFI6 or .   The few times I checked the speed on my phone, I was getting throughput in the 650-700 Mbps range, which was more than sufficient for doing things that I needed to at the time, and anyone else using the wifi signal/coverage would have been able to do the same.  As far as I could tell, there was no signal drop, and everything that needed to be connected to the system stayed connected.  Unfortunately, it’s not an inexpensive system, and outlaying $400-$1200 for more advanced wifi coverage for me isn’t an option.

As of right now, my own system is working just fine.   As a matter of fact, it’s working better than I’d anticipated.  Honestly, I’d tried this method once before, purchasing a dedicated access point and installing it in the house about midway, but it didn’t work.  Though as I recall at the time I attempted to do it wirelessly and that seemed to be where things fell apart.  Instead of taking the system a step further and hard-wiring the AP to the router, I gave up.  I went back to just using wireless repeaters, and degrading my signal through the piggy-back system, and making do.

Coming full circle

It’s early Saturday morning, which means my vacation is rapidly coming to a close.  By this time tomorrow I will be tucked into my bed, snuggled under the covers and anticipating (or dreading) going back to work.  I’ve purposefully stayed away from my place of employment so as not to interrupt the flow of work (hopefully) happening in my absence.  I expect things haven’t been going completely hunky-dory.  Certainly they didn’t the last time I went on vacation, and despite my best efforts to be sure my relief had all the tools he needed to get the work done, I expect it’s going to be a wreck when I go back on Sunday.

Needless to say, I haven’t missed being at work all that much.  I do get four weeks of vacation per year and as I’ve said many (many!) times, I’d be content taking two weeks of vacation and just getting paid for the other two weeks.  But my employer prefers that their employees take all of their alloted vacation.  Basically ‘Use it or lose it‘.  So I use it.

This week has not been so much sitting on my ponderous butt, watching TV.  It just so happened that my wife and I had scheduled four medical appointments, and we were on the go for most of the days that I was off.  Monday and Wednesday were the only exceptions, but Wednesday was gobbled up by an emergency dental appointment due to the fact that my wife slightly broke one of her teeth.  So that needed to be attended to.  And was.

Even though I spent some time helping a friend furnish her new apartment, I didn’t necessarily neglect my own domicile.  I ordered 4 large plastic storage boxes from Amazon (actually probably larger than I needed) and have been sorting through some things that I haven’t had use of in several years, that need to be secreted away before something nefarious happens to them.  I have to say I’d be pretty devastated if something did happen to them, and certainly I wouldn’t forgive myself easily.  If at all.  Once I have that attended to, I think I’ll breathe a sigh of relief.  That’s been a long time in coming to get accomplished.  At least when I have need of them again, I’ll know where they are.  I hope.

Anyway, it’s back to work tomorrow.  Only one more week of vacation to take for this fiscal year, then I’ll get another four weeks to agonize over on April 11.  Never ends, does it?

Have you ever?

There’s not always enough things to do on vacation, and certainly dear reader, as you can obviously tell, blogging isn’t high on my to-do list.  With the silly season approaching (Thanksgiving/Christmas) and me getting my last vacation of 2020 out of the way (I still have 3 more weeks of vacation that have to be used before April 2021), I’m already debating whether or not I want to tackle the Holidailies conundrum.  I’ve tried it a couple of times but was never very prolific.  I know of several people that have been successful in it; perhaps with COVID being the catalyst, I’ll have a muse or interest in doing it this year.  We’ll see.

Honestly, I’m not huge on memes, but this one caught my eye on a blog that I follow infrequently.  It snowed here this morning, so I can’t rake leaves, so I thought I’d spend a little time getting you to know me better.  What’s the harm in that, right?  A little laughter, a little sharing, and who knows, you might want to try it yourself.  Anyway, here goes.  Enjoy!

  • Been Married – Just celebrated my 27th anniversary
  • Been divorced
  • Fell in love – Several times
  • Skipped school – A few times when I was in college, usually when I had a test, I didn’t wish to take.
  • Watched someone give birth
  • Watched someone die – My mother, in 1989.  Not something I’d like to do again, tyvm.
  • Been to Canada – Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Witnessed the Canadian Snowbirds do a flyby of the falls on our last day in town.
  • Ridden in an ambulance – Both the back and the front.
  • Been to Hawaii
  • Been to Europe – Flew into Amsterdam, Netherlands, took a bus through the Netherlands and Belgium to West Germany in 1983.
  • Been to Las Vegas
  • Been to Washington D.C. – Several times, class trips both High School & College.
  • Been to Texas
  • Visited Florida – With family and in college.
  • Visited Mexico
  • Seen the Grand Canyon in person
  • Flown in a helicopter
  • Been on a cruise
  • Served on a jury – Local trial, alleged assault.  Acquitted the defendant.
  • Danced in the rain – Many times, many storms.
  • Been to California
  • Been to New York – NYC? I used to live 90 miles north of the city and have relatives that still live there.  I presently live in the Finger Lakes region.
  • Played in the band/orchestra in school – Both.
  • Sang in the church choir – Up and just past my epiphany about organized religion.  Not since.
  • Sang karaoke – A few times when I was younger.  Not since about age 25.
  • Laughed so much you cried – Robin Williams.  Nuff said.
  • Laughed so hard you peed
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue – Every winter.
  • Had children/adopted
  • Had a pet(s) – Cats only.  My brother had a golden retriever when we were young.  My wife had a cockatiel that lived to be 29.
  • Been sledding on a big hill – The house where I grew up had a large hill in the front yard.  I still have the family toboggan.
  • Been downhill skiing – I tried it once.  Walking pigeon-toed, for some reason, doesn’t allow you to ski downhill successfully.  Who knew?
  • Been water skiing
  • Been Ice Skating – I still have my skates.
  • Rode on a motorcycle – In my youth, and someday again.
  • Traveled to all 50 states
  • Jumped out of a plane
  • Been to a drive-in movie – Roosevelt Drive-In, Hyde Park, NY
  • Rode an elephant
  • Rode a Horse – And been stepped on by one.
  • Been on TV – Local cable television, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Been in the newspaper – Several times for non-nefarious reasons
  • Been on the radio – Newsreader, WMCR; Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Stayed in the hospital alone – Westchester Medical Center, elective surgery, 1978.
  • Donated blood
  • Gotten a piercing – Ear piercings.  Long since closed.
  • Gotten a tattoo
  • Driven a stick shift vehicle – 1990 Ford Escort LX.  My first car, though I didn’t know how to drive it; my Dad had to drive it home from the dealership.  I soon learned, and then sold it a couple of years later and bought a used 1987 Ford Bronco II.
  • Been scuba diving
  • Lived on your own – Several years.
  • Rode in the back of a police car
  • Got a speeding ticket
  • Broken a bone – I dropped a laptop on my pinky toe.
  • Gotten stitches – Best friend growing up hit me in the ear with a 5-iron by accident.
  • Traveled Alone – I was bumped from a flight in Atlanta, and my college choir left without me.  I flew first class to Denver in 1990 and slept the whole way.