Decorating a-go-go

I may have mentioned this more than once, but we’ve been living here in this house for almost 20 years.  We moved in the first day of November, 2000 and were renting the house at that time.  About a year later the people that owned the house made us an offer well below what they had the place listed for.  My wife and I at that time were still both working (she retired in 2006) and getting a mortgage from a ‘brick and mortar’ bank was proving elusive.  Online banking was in its infancy, and we decided to go that route instead.  We inputted our combined earnings with one of the fledgling startup mortgage companies and wonder of wonder, we got approved.  They sent us the requisite paperwork, our percentage rate wasn’t too bad, and it was agreed to be a 30 year note.

Before we finished purchasing, we had a company called ‘Pillar to Post’ go over the house and property, so as to give us an idea of what exactly we were getting into.  Granted we knew the house was built in the 1830s, so it was bound to have certain quirks, and we already had been living here for a little over a year, so some of those quirks were already known to us (sadly, the bats were discovered about a month after the sale was finalized.  Would have been better to know about them beforehand) though the inspector gave us some other things to consider and discuss with the sellers before everything was signed and monies were paid.

One of the things we thought was a little weird was, before we were able to occupy the house, the owners decided to paint just about every room in the house white.  The only rooms they left alone were ones that either had paneling, wallpaper, or a combination of the two.  Consequently, as we were never able to decide what color to paint any room of the house, we’ve pretty much lived with mostly white walls.  Over the course of our time too, we’ve not hung too many pictures, and what ones we have, have been a bit haphazard to say the least.  In the hallway there’s a piece of signed artwork from Berkeley Breathed.  It’s a print of the comic strip Bloom County, from 2015 when he decided to start drawing the comic again after a hiatus of about 25 years.  He’s continuing to draw them, but he’s relegated his postings to Facebook, and not newspapers.  So he doesn’t have to be required to ‘toe the line’ of publishers, in essence he’s self-publishing his work.  It seems to be working out the better for him.

Getting back to the topic at hand, we really haven’t had much time or money to do anything with the interior of the house, most of our time and expense has been with the exterior.  Getting a new vehicle put a dent in our money set aside of repairs and upgrades for the house, so perhaps this year we may not get the new furnace we were thinking about, perhaps just a coat of paint for the outside parts that aren’t brick.  A lot of the fascias and soffetts could use a coat of paint, the garage needs some work inside and out, and the bathrooms could use a major upgrade.

Lots of work to be done here.  Just have to set aside the money and time to get it all done.

Power Cycling

My desktop computer is still down for the count and I’m still making do with the old Lenovo R61i.  I now remember why I bought this laptop initially, it’s very easy to use and fits my hands very comfortably.  Although I’ve discovered I’m no longer comfortable using it on the couch, my gut gets in the way and it’s not easy to relax on the couch and type with ease, two things happen; my legs get uncomfy and there’s the distinct possibility the computer will slip off my lap and hit the floor.  Lastly, my eyesight is definitely not what it used to be and I’m constantly ‘nosing up’ to access the bifocals portion in order to read.  So until I get the desktop fixed, this is the new normal.  Whee!

Admittedly, I’m a little torn about what to do with the old desktop.  Fix it, obviously is the first thing, but I’ve been contemplating what it would cost to replace it.  I don’t really need a ‘new’ computer, just newer components.  With that in mind, I did a little spelunking on the laptop here about perhaps buying a ‘barebones’ pc, something that has a motherboard and compatible processor, case, power supply and so on, but there are slim pickings out there right now, or at least most of the suppliers that used to have a lot of stuff just don’t anymore.  People seem to be more interested in purchasing what they call ‘All-In-One’ computers if they purchase a desktop at all.  Increasingly, people are content with laptops, or mini-tabs, or just their smartphones to do what they used to have clunky big desktops to do.  Which makes sense, in a way.  The larger boxes available are more for your hardcore gamer that wants a water-cooled beast with 3-4 Solid State Drives, lots of RAM and enough fans to allow an F-35 to take off and hover over your house for an hour at a time.

Consequently, what I think I need is a new motherboard and processor, and accompanying RAM to go with it, reuse the case that I have, the components (hard drives, keyboard, mouse, sound system, power supply) I already possess and go with that.  I know I’m going to have to pay for a new copy of Windows 10, but that’s acceptable.  I honestly don’t remember how old the motherboard and processor that are currently in the tower are, but I can hazard a guess at between 7 and 9 years old.  Ha, I checked an old file I had on the laptop and I was pretty close.  Purchased the motherboard and processor in 2012, so they’re 7 years old.  Oddly enough the motherboard is considered still pretty current by standards on its own website, though the only ones available are used or refurbished.  Still selling on eBay and other reseller places for better than $100 and that’s without an accompanying processor or RAM.  Impressive.  If only mine was behaving!

I allowed for time this evening to crack the case on the desktop and get into the guts of it, but I wasn’t really feeling ‘up’ for the challenge, so let it pass for the time being.  Seeing as I have to be up early on Friday for an inspector to come and look at the 2016 Edge before we turn it in, I’m probably going to busy myself with that while I wait for him/her to arrive.  I only hope they ring the doorbell or don’t do what they did last time, go to the local car dealer and skip our house completely.  That I don’t think I’m in the mood for!

More to come on this saga as well.  If nothing else, I hope the resolution is easier than the roto-tiller has been.