IKEA…you bastard

I check SlickDeals every morning to see if there’s any bargains to be had.  One caught my eye today that would be perfect for my storage needs.  A 6-drawer dresser.  Sure it was in white, but it had an amazing price.  Which got me looking through the rest of the site for a better fit for me.  I found one, that was a perfect for my needs, and was excited that I could get IKEA for the first time.  Until….  Until.  Until I got to the checkout portion and discovered they wanted $300 for shipping.  For shipping??  Are you fucking kidding me?  Who OVER charges for shipping on an item you have listed for half price??  Do you idiots honestly expect someone is going to pay that?  I’m not paying $500 for a $200 item.  That’s bullshit of the highest degree.

And that dear friends, is why I’m NEVER going to be a customer of IKEA.  Fuck that shit right now.

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