Calling off Work

I’m not what one might refer to as a workaholic, but by the same vein, I don’t call off very often. Every time I do, I see it as an affront to my employer, as they have to do without my services for that day. And I’m leaving something on the table, as it were, and that bothers me. Bob, my late supervisor, used to say to me “Boy, they really don’t make them like us anymore”, which I agree with. Many of my co-workers, presently and over the years, called off many times, and didn’t seem to really think all that much of it.

There have been numerous times over the years when I’ve gone to work when I probably shouldn’t have. If I was smart, I would have called in and let someone else work my shift. But I do it so infrequently, I don’t have the chops for doing it convincingly. One time I screwed up the courage, called work and said I’m sorry, I can’t come in today, I’m not feeling well. The person on the other end transferred me to my department and the assistant department manager informed me one of the company executives was due for a visit in a few hours and it would be a better idea to tough it out and come to work. I caved, and went. Ironically, if the situation had been reversed, that same assistant manager would have called in, damned the situation and not gone to work. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen.

As I get older, I can see there are going to be times when I may not have a choice about it. I’m not as young as I used to be, and things are already starting to go south, the current kidney issue already being one of them. Being that it’s a retail job, I don’t have a lot of leeway when it comes to working and not working. I do have vacation and personal days, but there’s rules about them as well. Personal days are just that, for personal reasons. But you only get 3 per calendar year. Vacation is more plentiful, but it’s not infinite either. If I do have surgery in the future I can take a leave of absence, and come back when I’m better. Bob had colon cancer and was out for 6 months. His job was waiting for him when he returned. The same when he had the heart episode and ran his car into a tree. He came out of the hospital with a defibrillator and still had his job to come back to. In many ways it’s good to be part of a union, they don’t let the employer just say ‘too bad, so sad‘ and show you the door. Not a rant, merely a fact.

I’m off to bed in a few minutes, the pain has mostly abated from yesterday. Whether or not the whisper of pain I’m feeling right now is in my head, now that I’m aware of the kidney stones, I can’t really tell you. The PA did say that they probably have been there for awhile now. I talked to my Mother this morning, then again this afternoon. She said even if you drink a ton of water, the stones are probably going to stay put. Just have to see a doctor and find out what to do about it. Which is in the process of being done starting Wednesday.

Though I’m going back to work tomorrow. Probably to a lecture about having called off. I hope not, but I can see it happening. At least I have the note from the ER. That should help things a little bit.

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