Bella Update

Considering I have a new kitten, I thought I’d update you on how things are progressing.

  • Though I didn’t weigh her when we brought her home, she’s definitely gotten bigger.
  • This morning, I stepped on the scale, weighed myself, and then weighed both of us together. 5.2 lbs. I Googled the healthy weekly weight gain of a cat. What I read suggested about a pound a week, though I’m sure there are variations. I know she’s eating out of 2 bowls, but I’m being careful not to overfeed.
  • She’s much more rambunctious than when we first started out. Most definitely got the ‘zoomies‘, running around the house like a mad kitten at every turn. But she’s a good kitty, most of the time. She hasn’t hidden from us since the first time she did the first week in the house. We’re still in the process of ‘kitten-proofing’ the house.
  • She’s managed to get into our bedroom (off-limits) a couple of times, but unlike her predecessor, she doesn’t dive under the bed, she jumps onto it, making her easy to corral. Though I expect it won’t be long before she hits on that option.
  • While she’s very enamored of jumping onto furniture and onto the fireplace mantle in the living room, (as well as the table that has my 1930s-era Singer), as yet, she hasn’t tried leaping onto the counters in the kitchen, or worse, yet, the stove.  I’ve made use of cat deterrence spray, and I even tried double-sided carpet tape, which surprisingly actually worked on the mantle.  She was not very pleased with the feel of that on her paws and jumped off just as quickly as she leaped onto it.
  • She follows me around a lot, which comes in handy at bedtime, so I don’t have to search the house high and low rather than being able to get to bed on time.  She follows me up the stairs and leads me into her bedroom.  She’s good about being shut up in it, and doesn’t caterwaul or cry overnight.  I’m absolutely grateful for that.

She has a vet appointment coming up in the next 3 weeks.  When I made the appointment, the receptionist asked if I wanted to make the appointment for her spaying.  Not really thinking about it, I said, “No, I’ll wait until I speak with the vet,” forgetting that when I was making the appointment, it was 6 weeks in the future.  And since that appointment wasn’t easy to get, a spaying/surgery appointment might too be a good piece further forward.  Bella, already being 5 months old, and by the time her appointment rolls around, she’ll be 6 months old.  So.  The longer I wait, the more likely she’ll start going into heat, and I don’t need her spraying the house.

Finally, I think she found the kitty matter transporter (See Star Trek) my previous 2 cats built and made considerable use of.  She appears quite often out of nowhere.

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