A Sobering Reminder

I just received some sobering news from work.  My supervisor’s wife suffered a brain aneurysm yesterday at home (she’s retired) and fell.  He had to leave work early and rush home.  We didn’t get any updates until this morning about the results.  Apparently, it was bad enough that she had to be medevacked (by air) to the hospital in the larger city north of us, which has better facilities.

Considering all my supervisor has been through in the past couple of years, this really wasn’t necessary.  Between his own health issues, the health issues with his parents (in their 90s), and all, adding one more thing onto his plate wasn’t the nicest cut.  But, it’s a reminder that life is fleeting, and things can come to an end in an instant.

Take the time and give your loved ones an extra hug today.  You never know if you might get another chance.  Stay safe out there, everyone.

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