Old Docs, same tricks

I’m in the process of considering switching medical care providers.  I’ve had the same GP for the past (at least) 15 years, and lately it’s become a bit of a chore to communicate with him, and it seems more and more he’s ‘going through the motions’ and not really having my best interests when dealing with me, and caring for my needs.  Always when I go to my appointments, the office seems to be rather deserted not only in the parking lot, but in the waiting area as well.  Which in some ways is nice in that I get right in to be examined and all, but within 15-20 minutes I’m back in my car.

Whenever I’ve taken my wife to her appointments, we could be there anywhere between an hour to 90 minutes, even if she’s the only patient in the office.  I often wonder what all they’re doing inside, playing parchesi?  Doing crosswords?  It just seems rather odd that it takes so long (and now that she’s switched to a more local Dr in a new practice the same thing seems to be occurring) in there and for me it’s so short.  Within the last week or so there’s been another issue that makes me think it’s time for a change.

I’ve been using a CPAP machine for the past 24 years.  I’ve burned out one machine, and then upgraded from another one 2 years ago and am on my 3rd.  Every year I was required to go to an ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) doctor who would basically ask me if I was using the machine (every night) and did I need new equipment?  Sometimes yes, other times no.  But basically it was a yearly checkup and that would be it for the calendar year.  Unfortunately, my last ENT retired and the only other one that works for the local medical group no longer writes prescriptions for medical equipment.

When I called the ENT’s office, I was informed that my own GP would be able to write the prescription for the equipment, but when I did that, he, through his nurse informed me that, due to ‘insurance requirements’ would be unable to write me the prescription.  My only recourse would be going to a new ENT, and having that person write the prescription.  Which to me seemed a bit asinine, since any new Dr was going to probably want a new sleep study, go through an inordinate amount of hoops and waste a boodle load of money to get a prescription written.  I really wasn’t interested in going that route.

I called my Dr’s office again.  Informed the nurse of what the ENT’s office said and waited.  Finally, he relented and did what I had asked him in the first place.  And of course, when my wife called the medical supply place yesterday, she was informed they hadn’t received the fax from the office.  Of course not.  Called the doctor’s office and spoke to the receptionist, asked if they had a record of the fax being sent and she said yes, on the 29th.  Just in case, I asked if she could send it again and she said she could.  Hung up and hoped for the best.

In this particular case it turned out the medical supply depot had gotten their wires crossed as the fax had indeed been received last year, though when they were asked about it, someone was unaware of it being received.  When I was picking up the medical equipment in the afternoon, the person handling the transaction told me they had received ‘another fax’ just a couple of hours ago.  I explained why, and she just furrowed her brow and said nothing more about it.  This is an exception to the usual rule.  I’m not entirely convinced that my doctor has my best interests at heart here.  So I do have the paperwork from the new medical office, I’m determined to set in motion the process of switching to them for 2024 and beyond.

At the very least I think I’ll get better care.  At least that’s the prevailing hope.


2 thoughts on “Old Docs, same tricks

  1. Good luck! You know my journey with doctors, not all good, but the few I have working with me right now seem to be on the ball and invested in helping! Fingers crossed you have similar luck. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, I know the trials and tribulations you’ve had with your various doctors over the years. I can only hope that my next medical office will have a better idea of how to treat me (treat, in more than just a medical way) and do so more efficiently, and interpersonally. Certainly the doctor I had prior to this one managed to lose my medical records, and I had to start from scratch, which wasn’t at all pleasant to deal with.

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