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In keeping with the goings on of this year, I’ve decided to use up one of my last remaining vacation blocks from work. My vacation anniversary date is April 11, so I have to use up my time by then or risk losing them. Having taken 3 weeks of time off in 2023 for various reasons (wedding anniversary trip, HS reunion and a friend visiting) I was left with 8 to use, along with 2 personal days.

The only ‘plan’ I have for the time off is a urology appointment that was made in concert with the stone issue I had about three weeks ago. There are things that I need to get accomplished just the same, one of them is starting to get the house in some form of cleanliness it hasn’t seen in many moons.

Which is something I mention every time I have vacation, but it always doesn’t seem to come to fruition. I find that I’m always pretty efficient at work, but when I’m home, it tends to go out the window. I can only presume the impetus for that is I’m not A, getting paid for what I do here, and B, there’s no reprecussion if I don’t accomplish things. Wife being disappointed isn’t always a motivator, though it probably should be?

Even last year, (or was it the year before?) I had a fledgling idea of taking a month out of that year and using that time on cleaning or straightening one room out of the house. Yeah, that worked out about the way that you thought. I think in January I moved a couple items out of the living room, and my wife informed me I moved the wrong items and had to put them back. *eyeroll* After that, the wheels came off and February went by, then March and so on. By July, we were back to normal, and nothing much happened after that. I’m beginning to think we thrive better in clutter. Though that’s a sobering thought in and of itself.

As usually happens, I have a consideration of “I have X amount of days, and I’m going to make the most of them!” at the beginning of the vacation, and every day that passes by, I give myself the same pep talk, and then the day goes by without much being accomplished. With 2-3 days to go in the week, I start to get a little more and more antsy about not getting anything done, and by the time it’s 1 or 2 days before going back to work, the feeling of lack of success becomes overwhelming, and again I don’t get much finished. Finally, it’s the day before going back to work, and I look back and see how much time I wasted. Perhaps writing this down will motivate me? Who knows, if nothing else I have the written word to look back at and suggest that ‘this time will be different’. We’ll see I suppose.

Anyway, time to get something accomplished. Oh, I did. I wrote this. Go me.

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