2 Down, 5 to go

It’s Monday, the second day of my vacation. And as usual, I’ve gotten little accomplished. My list of things ‘to-do’ isn’t that long, so for the most part I’ve been going to bed later than I would on a ‘school’ night, and getting up way later than I would on any work day. Which makes sense, at least to me.

This afternoon I was called into the addition as my wife was having trouble printing something on the network printer. Which seems to be happening more and more lately. I thought having the printer connected to the home network would alleviate communication problems between our 2 computers (mine and hers for the last couple of months have occupied separate rooms) but it only worked for a little while, and then the problems cropped up. Every time I use the printer, it’s fine, but give it a few days and all of a sudden it wants to be offline which is both maddening and annoying at turns. I upgraded my new computer to Windows 11, and thought that too would alleviate problems. Oh no, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just another thing to figure out and hopefully fix.

After messing around with it for about 30 minutes, I decided to do the quick and dirty method, meaning have her email me what she needed printed and do it from my computer. Which worked, but it left the issue of connectivity. What I really need to do is go back to the old tried and true method, ie: set up a dedicated IP address for the printer and let both computers connect that way. It’s pretty foolproof, and everything talks to one another through the router, which is what the thing is for anyway. It works in any company network, it’s supposed to work in any home one too. So that’s a job relegated for later in the week.

Later on this week I have a urology appointment, to get to the issue of why I had abdominal pain late last month (I know partially why, I have kidney stones again) but after getting the results of the CT scan, and talking to my primary doctor, I need a plan of action if one of them move. More on that when I get past Wednesday.

I’m hoping to get more accomplished this week, so I can at least look back come the following week and say to myself “good job, what’s next?” rather than asking myself, “seriously? You had all this time and you did what with it?” which is what usually happens. I guess I’ll post a post mortem around Saturday to give an overview of how I did. That seems the most prudent. So, until then. Cheerio.

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