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I just bought a new monitor.  And it didn’t cost me as much as I thought it would, either.

I’ve wanted a new monitor for at least a couple of years now, but I wanted it for more than just being bigger than the 27″ one I had previously.  Since the 4K (then 8K) craze hit, I’d wanted to upgrade, but spending $500+ on a computer monitor seemed extravagant.  So I wanted to wait until the prices came down and were more reasonable.  More in my budget, to put it plainly.

Brand loyalty wasn’t the most important thing, though I’ve owned many different monitors from many different manufacturers over the years.  My previous monitor was an LG, and it worked flawlessly over the time I had it.  It was an upgrade over the 24″ square monitor I had before it, and before that, I believe I had a 15″ monitor.  I’ve always been interested in going for more real estate regarding what I wanted on the screen; the same goes for television sets.  With the advent of LCD and LED TVs (and being digital rather than analog), my appetite for bigger and better probably would be in line with most people these days.  Our main television is a 37″ I bought from Newegg in ’06, and the one in the den is a 43″ that I purchased in ’15.  Neither can broadcast in 4 or 8K, but they work for what they need to.  Do I wish to upgrade?  Yes.  Can I afford it?  Not at this time.  So we make do with what we have and are grateful for them.

Which brings us back to the new monitor.  I’d been more seriously looking since the Black Friday sales of Thanksgiving 2022.  Even then, I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, which was at the very least a 4K monitor either in LED or LCD with a larger screen size than the 27″ I currently had.  My computer desk is rather roomy, so it does have the space for something in the 34-40″ range. Still, I didn’t want to go big and wide; to me, wide made more sense as I could split screen easier than having 2 monitors on the same desk.  Too the desk was originally designed for CRT monitors, in that the area where the monitor sits is on a lower level, making the eyeline better for when I look at it.  I’ve definitely liked that feature, and even with the newer digital monitors of the past 10 years, they fit in the space just fine.

I wasn’t necessarily looking for a bargain one day, but it fell into my lap.  I was browsing through eBay and found a monitor for a really good price.  It hit everything I was looking for, AND the price was just too good to pass up.  So I went ahead and purchased it.  When I hooked it up to my computer, I was beyond giddy.  It looks and works great.  Movies look great in QHD, and it works flawlessly with the graphics card I upgraded to a bit over a year ago with this in mind.

I’m really pleased with this upgrade.  I think I’m set, at least until I might want to build a new desktop.


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